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Our Planet is in Crisis

Welcome to my blog, where I post about the climate and ecological crisis, and climate justice.

I enjoy bad puns and the oxford comma – consider this your warming.

  • Silence holds hands with Violence

    11th Dec 2019 by

    Wednesday 11th December 2019 started brightly for many young activists – Fridays for Future occupied the main stage at COP25, the UN sponsored climate talks in Madrid, in an action mainly engaging white youth, and Greta Thunberg was awarded Time’s Person of the Year. However, the picture quickly shifted to become much darker when a… Read more

  • The Bus (that is actually a metaphor, of course)

    17th Oct 2020 by

    The best seats on a double decker bus are, I am sure you’ll agree, on the upper level, right at the front. Those seats have the best views, unobscured by any driver’s seat or other passengers’ heads, above virtually every other vehicle on the road. If one boards the bus and finds them unoccupied, I… Read more

  • Water Scarcity in the Era of the Pandemic

    15th Apr 2020 by

    #WaterForGoma The inhabitants of the city of Goma face daily hardship in accessing drinking water. This struggle has become a terrifying reality when the region was hit by not one, but two, deadly viral outbreaks. In 1998, the year I was born, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) became a theatre for what is… Read more

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